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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today has been great. Everything on this vacation has been amazing. Seeing so many things and enjoying three sights of St. Louis has been very therapeutic for me. I have been able to reconnect with my dear friends and their lovely family! Missing my family though!


Friday, March 7, 2014

My Day

Had a tiresome couple of days. It really disturbs me at the insurance crap that I have to deal with all the time. No matter how informed you seem to think you are, you are not, because the insurance companies don't want you to be aware. They want you confused. The constant barrage of paper work and repetition information is exhausting. I have become so irritated by the constant miscommunication.

Medicare sent me a statement yesterday that said I have met my deductible for 2013. Well good to know, especially since it is now 2014. I mean why is this complicated and SLOW?? The doctors office billing department are well aware of this practice however it doesn't stop them from telling me my bills are past due. I mean it is  hard enough to deal with my plethora of illnesses, I really don't feel like having to deal with the same issues over and over again.

The doctors office then proceed to hassle you when you check out saying you have a balance Really?? This not only is irritating , but embarrassing. It is not like they pull you aside privately they say it in front of whomever is around at the time. I had such a horrible experience yesterday at the eye doctor, not the treatment , but just trying to check out. The eye doctor's billing department said I had a huge balance which I did not. When I got home I went online to check my  bank account and files and sure enough I had paid them. But all I got was attitude at the office because they had recorded nothing on my account. So of course I then call the billing department to get the bill corrected, and they were too busy, sent me to voice mail and of course no  one has called me back yet. FURSTRATED.

 I also saw my nephrologist yesterday, (who is great by the way). He asked how I had been since my last visit. I told him that I had been burnt  out by Dr appointments and had to take a break for a while and he understood. I also indicated to him that I have been seeing a therapist for my depression. He asked my why I had been feeling depressed, I had overcome so much and should be happy at how far I had come. Bill also agreed with his statement. I had to explain to them both that the pain I continually endure causes me to feel depressed, and the side effects from the drugs is quite dramatic as well.

I don't mean to seem like I'm whining or ungrateful at all, it's just hard to function some days, and some days are just harder than others. My body has undergone so many changes that have, in some instances been traumatic. I t is going to take some time to find my place again, and I hope that I do. I'm certainly not just sitting on my ass. I needed help and sought it out! Hoping and praying for peace and resolutions.