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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Reflection

In the mirror I now see
lines around my eyes from sun & sea.

Around my face there are tendrils of gray
Some are old, some from just today.

There is a scar on my chin, from an old tree
A cut on my elbow, from when I was three.

A scar on stomach shows a journey I made.
How my life was saved one hot August day.

A callous on my hand from a job long ago.
More from the garden and digging with a hoe.

Tiny ankles hold up a large frame
Strong at one time now weakened and strained.

Long flat feet bear the weight of it all.
Spindly toes barley strong enough to prevent a fall.

But inside the mirror does not see
 how big my soul, and heart have came to be

I now love my reflection, the mirror has shown
I stand in front of it proud and alone.

I hope you find the mirror to be as kind
because you can't erase the passage of time.