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Monday, February 22, 2016

Elect Humanity

Well I have returned to my blog. I had some health problems and unfortunately  the blog fell to the wayside, however I feel that the time has come voice my opinion.

The elections looming upon us means different things to different  people. Some of you may be staunch supporters of the Republicans some are die hard  Democrats, others may be Independents or even indifferent altogether.  My feelings on politics vary based on platforms and character. I really could care less what side of the fence you fall on as long as you are fair, honest, non-judgmental, compassionate, and posses some sort of bipartisanship. That being said none of the potential candidates posses this traits.

My biggest concern in politics  has always been about Healthcare, and for obvious reasons. I grew up without insurance and did not qualify due to pre-existing conditions. My mother was forced to be on welfare in order for me to obtain Healthcare. Yes she was forced, nothing was available at that time, that would allow her to work and still provide Healthcare for our family.

Obama care I think we all can agree has been a huge mess. I don't  presume to know how to fix the problem that Healthcare has become all I know is what I have endured. I do know this... I am a product of the failed Healthcare  system. I grew up in a terribly  flawed system and I paid for with my life. I underwent reusing needles to point of pain, reusing lancets, rationing out test strips, picking up change on the side of the road to buy another bottle of insulin, because I was only allowed one per month, but used two. 

I would not be here typing this blog if Obama care had not forced insurance companies to insure me and those like me.  I would never have had a transplant, and I would most likely be dead at this point. I'm not being overly dramatic these are the facts. I am the failed Healthcare  system that needs to be fixed.

We as a society  have the power to cure so many, and yet we deprive those who could be saved. Why is it so hard to help those who are less fortunate?

I realize there are several  factors for treating people and insuring them. If other countries can do it, and do it productively, then I think we could as well.  When did it become a flaw in one's character to help others? When did we become so heartless?

You want to make America  great again? Start with helping one another. Start with compassion. Start with tolerance. Start with love for humanity ,and leave the judgements for God.